Bilingual Professional Helps You as a Dependable Staff Member

- Employment on Long-Term Basis -

Selecting from its registered members, ABIC can introduce you to a bilingual expert best suited to your specific needs for specialized skills for management, marketing, sales, accounting and other fields.

Several ABIC members are employed by foreign manufacturers as an agent or a representative stationed in Japan to contact Japanese buyers or sellers, negotiate sales or purchase contracts, follow up contracts, and settle claims, etc. Other members are working for the Tokyo office of a foreign-affiliated corporation as an English-speaking accountant and for a factory in a Southeast Asian country as a superintendent.

ABIC hopes that more members will be employed not only by foreign embassies in Japan, but also by foreign government agencies and foreign-affiliated organizations both at home and abroad.

The remuneration for a bilingual professional varies depending on your requirements and will be determined case by case through negotiations between you and the candidate.

We welcome your inquiry at any time. Please e-mail us with your information concerning the following items:

  1. Outline of your company or organization(incl. website address)
  2. Reason why you need the personnel
  3. Specific duty for the personnel
  4. Qualification requirements for educational background, work experience, linguistic ability, age limit, etc.
  5. Working conditions such as place of work, working day and hour, starting date for the work, term of contract, etc.
  6. Remuneration(at least, rough idea)

Upon receipt of your inquiry, we will select a few candidates from our registered members and send their resumes to you for your examination. If you want to have an interview with them, we will help you arrange it, if necessary.

Please understand that we shall reserve a right to request you to pay a fee for introduction to us separately from the remuneration for the employee.

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